Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Bill Frisell arrived at the Blue Note just after 2pm to begin setting up his equipment. By 4pm, Ron Carter (wearing a suit and tie) and Paul Motian joined him on stage and without saying much to each other, they began to play. The trio had not performed together since recording their self-titled trio album last year, and they picked up right where they left off. Over the next two hours, the band went through their songbook, playing Frisell originals like Strange Meeting, standards like On The Street Where You Live and Little Waltz, and classics like You Are My Sunshine and A Change is Gonna Come. Little was said, and Frisell's voice was barely audible even in the empty club as he called out tunes to rehearse.

What makes this trio so special is not the individual musicians' abilties and their accomplishments or the novelty of them joining forces on stage. Rather, it's the level of communication they display as a trio and the sincerity with which the play their music. The interplay between all three musicians creates some of the most beautiful, heartfelt music around.

If you had a chance to catch this show, post your thoughts!

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ck said...

great 1st set on 12-9-07. I am putting together a set list...not sure about the third piece as well as the piece beginning with strong intro by Ron Carter...any help?