Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Chris Botti got to the Blue Note at around 5pm yesterday to do a quick soundcheck. He played a few notes into his mic and walked upstairs to hang out for a bit and was very gracious to everyone. His energy was still strong even after 2 packed sets, and by 12:15am he was still signing CDs at the gift shop and taking pictures with fans. One night down and two weeks left to go...

Botti will be interviewed at some point over the next few days, so keep your questions coming until tonight!


Diane said...

Hi Jeremy, I know your post above said comments will be taken through 12/11, but I'm hoping you at least get a chance to read this and have Chris consider my request.

I just saw that Josh Groban will be on the same Larry King show, to be aired on 12/21. I first saw Chris when he opened for Josh and then they did a duet during Josh's show. I have always hope that there would be more collaborations and performances of them together. Any chance we'll be able to see that on Larry King's show? Or how about collaborating with Josh on the next CD? I know Josh is supposed to be working on his next CD too; a little of each of you on each other's CDs.

One thing that I like about both of Josh and Chris, is that they're both able to meld classical, with pop, with whatever genre and don't let themselves be pigeonholed. Both do their own thing and that's make great music! Two great musical minds/performers, make that three if David Foster produces the CDs, how can you go wrong?

Denise said...

Hello Chris,
I wanted to know what was the most funniest thing that happened to you and what was the most bizarre? Thanks for your reply and have a wonderful Christmas.\\\


Lisa said...

I attended both of Chris Botti's sets on Saturday, 15 DEC, and as always, he and the band members were incredible.

The Dennis' said...


Once again we wanted to tell you how much we loved the show on the 25th (1st set). You won not only myself but my kids over with your outstanding performance.

Tyler, Devon & Mindy
Milford, Pennsylvania