Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting To Know JUICEBOX - Late Night Groove Series band, March 24

THE LATE NIGHT GROOVE SERIES has been going for over a decade now, featuring illustrious artists such as DJ Logic, Ledisi, Maya Azucena and many more. The series also gives the spotlight to up and coming aritsts such as JuiceBox, who will play the Late Night Groove Series this coming Saturday night, March 24. We had a chance to catch up with bandleader and saxophonist Nick Myers:

Blue Note: What do you like about playing the Blue Note?

Nick Myers: The Blue Note is an amazing place to play.  You can feel the history of all the legendary musicians that have played there.  When I get up on stage I imagine all of the people who have influenced me playing on that stage.  I've seen so many concerts there and I feel a real connection to the music when I play there.  I was just at the club last week to see Eddie Palmieri and it was so inspiring!  This weekend when we are there I'll be thinking about that.

BN: What should someone who’s never seen JuiceBox before expect from your live show?

NM: If you haven't seen a JuiceBox show then you are missing out!  We are a real high-energy band and it would be impossible to leave without soaking up some of the positive vibe.  It's such a pleasure for me to play and direct this band because it is different every time.  All of the musicians are very talented and the music can really go anywhere.  Of course we remain true to the "Groove Series" name and all of the music we play usually has something you can dance to but the creative energy and space and that you can find just in dancing music is amazing.  Our vocalist Lisa Ramey brings so much positive energy as a front woman and it truly is something to see.  Sometimes I feel like I am an audience member myself!

BN: Will you guys be playing stuff from the upcoming record and when do you expect it to come out?

NM: Yes we will be playing new material that we are going to be recording.  The record should be coming out sometime in late April or May.  I really can't wait to hear how it comes out.

BN: How similar or different will your new record be to your first EP, “Half the Fat”?

NM: The new record will have a little different feeling from the EP.  We will be re-recording "Come True" but we have about 5-6 new songs that we have been composing and working on as a band for quite some time.  The whole group has evolved since the last recording and we have workshopped these songs through live performance.  I think that the new recording will have more definition and style since the group has naturally progressed since that time.

BN: What’s up next for JuiceBox?

NM: After the record comes out JuiceBox is working on a budding summer European tour.  We already have some dates on the books in Italy for a few cities and we look forward to finding some other places to play and promote our new album across the pond.  We are also hard at work on a music video that will feature the upcoming recording of our song "Can't Get Enough"