Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blast From The Past: Piano Duo

Searching through the vast video archives of YouTube, I stumbled upon this gem.

While piano duets are fairly common, it isn't often that piano duets feature pianists of different generations, especially pianists of these generations.

While Hank Jones has teamed up with everyone from Kenny Barron to Brad Mehldau in recent years, it isn't often that Earl Hines teamed up with someone of a more modern generation.

While Byard is certainly influenced greatly by Hines and certainly plays in a Hines-ish style here, a video and pairing of this sort is very uncommon.

All of that aside, this video is truly phenomenal. It shows the great interplay between two fantastic pianists and a drummer. It is amazing to watch the awe in Byard's face as he plays with one of his heroes.


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