Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blast From The Past: Sonny Rollins

Another viewing of last week's Ben Webster/Teddy Wilson video has put me in that ballad mood. These past few days I've been listening to some of the greatest of jazz balladeers: Lester Young, Keith Jarrett, and Sonny Rollins. Although Sonny Rollins is always mentioned in a listing of the greatest saxophonists of all time, the artistry of his ballads is not often -or not often enough- discussed. Sonny is one of the most powerful of all ballad players. The pairing of his unique, large tone with his heartfelt way of interpretation and improvisation combine to make a truly potent and beautiful ballad. Here Sonny is featured playing "My One And Only Love" in 1982. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

This has just made me so happy. I'm an old lady(83)in Toronto,Canada and forever a jazz fan. To find this wonderful, generous Sonny Rollins tune here on my own computer is just the greatest thing. I love it. I'm trying to find something more exciting to say..

kiddo said...

The name Sonny Rollins says it all as one of the true JAZZ GREAT.
I love him tremendously. His music, his style, his soloing,..
love his balads...his love for calypso and how he has manifested this love to the world with his music. A master of timing. I just
don't know how to stop. God bless you Sonny....stay tuned....

Kiddo H.....St. Thomass, V.I.