Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Mawuse from Giant Step Productions had the following to say on her blog about Rachelle Ferrell's performance at the air-conditionless Blue Note (luckily, the AC was back on the next night...)

"Sunday night back in NYC I tried to get my culture game up by taking in Rachelle Ferrell at Blue Note. Blue Note is one of those institutions shrouded in New York legend but the performance was memorable because they had zero air conditioning. Or a fan. Or a window. But the heat ain't stop Rachelle no way and she performed a gaggle of jazz and pop songs until she was literally soaking. And I have never witnessed that level of vocal virtuosity. She would jump from a sharp, tinny falsetto to a cavernous, guttural bass note - in the same word. Can we get a summer blockbuster featuring Rachelle Ferrell dissolving amateurs with her vocal prowess?"

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Laylah said...

I really was meaning to get to this show. Oh well. Sounds like it was amazing.

On another note, please come out to the opening my my jazz-inspired photography exhibition, Kindred Cool, on August 3.