Thursday, August 9, 2007

FRED KAPLAN blogs about Charlie Haden's Duos with Kenny Barron and Ethan Iverson...

Jazz Critic and fellow blogger Fred Kaplan attended the first two concerts of Haden's Invitation Series at the Blue Note. Check out the links below to read his full posts:

"...At least for a while, focus on him, not the pianist. He plays the tonic of a chord, then a hint of a scale, then he might pluck the same note repeatedly through a chord change just to hear how the overtones blend, then a few notes that float free of structure, that just evoke the mood of the song. He does all this seamlessly. You can’t feel the gears shift, unless he wants you to feel it, for some effect; he traces swirls in directions that are unpredictable but, once they’re laid down, seem inevitable; and he never loses track of time. This is the meaning of musical mastery."

and his preview of the Invitation Series:

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